May 25, 2015

Organizing Files

One thing that makes me "happy" and my heart pitter patter is pretty neatly organized spaces. 

A few years ago when I had a student teacher in her lead teaching, I purged, reorganized and developed a new file system. It was the best of both worlds...I stayed in the classroom for support and as an extra set of eyes/ears and I multitasked.

Here is one of my files cubes now.

Everything is organized sequentially.  
I created a small template in word so it can be quickly edited(that was before I discovered my love for PowerPoint). 
In the left corner I typed the subject and/or the time of year.

Some subjects have multiples folders.
This year in math, I added the Everyday Mathematics unit titles. Now when I have to file, it is easy to see what each unit's objective.
Happy Organizing!!

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