My Classroom

My Classroom 

This year I have 2 different classrooms.  One classroom is decorated for my First Graders and my Fourth Graders.  The second classroom is at a different school.  It is decorated for my Fifth Grade Students.  Here is a few photos from both classrooms.

Here is a picture of my desk.  I bought the giant black decor from The Container Store (I love it)  It was only $10.  I went a little bonkers at Michaels in the summer and bought about $75 worth of giant letters.  Here are my sparkle green letters above my desk.
Here is a closer version. I used sparkle silver fabric and several borders to cover the mini bulletin board.
I also hot glued more mini Michael letters and some colorful mini frogs.

My catch all box on my desk.  Look more Michael's letters.
Here is where I keep paper clips, staples, post-its and other office gadgets.
I hot glued giant green blingy gems to make me smile.

Here is my back counter.  I love matching baskets.  
The theme of my entire room is black and white with green.
Look more Michael's letters (I really was not kidding when I said I went a bit bonkers there)

This is the view above my board in my fifth grade classroom.

The black chair is my chair at carpet.  The mini frog chair is my weekly assistant's chair.  

My weekly job chart!

Love my Froggie Themed Classroom! This bulletin board fabric is actually silver sequins. Great texture!

Here is my Work Station. 

My computer is my life although next year we will have a Chrome Book instead of a desktop.  I adore my desktop so next year will be a challenge for me.  

I love double bordering my bulletin boards! When "Back to School" rolls around, I enjoy spending time picking out fabric at Jo-Ann Fabric and Michael's. Sometimes a piece of fabric may cost me around $15 but it stays looking wonderful for years so it is a worthwhile investment to me. This year my fabrics are black, white and silver.

The green letters above my desk are from Michael's as well.  I just hot glued them to the wall.  It will be an easy removal from our walls. 

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